Vans / Transporters

Chassis conversions

Chassis technical adjustments and conversions
  • Wheelbase changes
  • Implementation of fuel tanks
  • Attachment of tool boxes
  • Installation of centrifugal snow chains
  • Installation of trailer hitch
  • Slide captions
  • TÜV certification
  • Electrical installations such as radio technology, navigation, reversing camera, rotating beacons or other electrical equipment in the driver’s cab.
  • Installation of telematics and navigation technology.
  • Installation of lighting technology such as work lights, rotating beacons or roof bar systems
  • Installation of auxiliary heating
  • Roof air conditioners
  • Electrics in FHS, e.g. charging socket, USB, radio
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems
e.g. multifunction console between driver and front passenger seat consisting of
  • A 1000W voltage converter with 230 V sockets
  • ADALIT lamps with chargers
  • Installation of the HRT charger
  • Subsequent installation of digital radio (MRT)”
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